Join us! Call for SIETAR BC Board Members

SIETAR Board Members and volunteers at National Aboriginal Day (June 21 2016).

SIETAR BC is seeking capable and interested individuals to join its Board of Directors

The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research British Columbia (SIETAR BC) is currently seeking candidates for six to eight board member positions, commencing January 2018.  Each position is a two-year term.  Positions available range from Programming, Web Lead, Communications and Executive Committee.


Committed to intercultural engagement, communication and agility, SIETAR BC aims to increase mutually supportive interaction between individuals locally and globally. To do so, SIETAR offers programs, workshops, and events to encourage and provide all individuals an opportunity to:

• Raise their awareness and understanding of how culture affects education, policy-making and business

• Develop their knowledge, values and skills

• Learn and build effective intercultural, racial and ethnic communication and relations

• Connect with SIETAR members and global Intercultural Professionals

Board Structure and Programming

SIETAR BC currently has a board of 8 intercultural professionals. Meetings are held online (frequency determined by the board) and twice annually in person. Each year, SIETAR BC hosts 4 to 6 activities (such as workshops/conferences) as well as an annual seasonal celebration in early December and an AGM in January. SIETAR BC is also part of a family of worldwide SIETAR organizations who work collaboratively on professional development of their members. SIETAR BC has a solid financial status, summary of Board responsibilities, bylaws and values statement. SIETAR BC had a very successful 2017 program:

Why join us? Sitting on any board offers opportunities for professional development and networking opportunities. As well, board directorships offer specific skill development. In addition to these opportunities, SIETAR BC offers its board members the unique opportunity to volunteer with a culturally, academically and geographically diverse team of highly committed people with a clearly defined mission.

Interested? Contact President Colleen Hanley or Vice-President Meharoona Ghani