May 4, 2015: Handling challenging situations in intercultural and diversity training


You have done your needs assessment, skillfully designed your intercultural workshop and are feeling confident with the delivery when suddenly you are caught off guard in the middle of your session. You are facilitating a group discussion on diversity and inclusion when all of a sudden a participant intensely challenges you in ways you weren’t expecting. What do you do? How do you handle sticky situations in intercultural and diversity training?

Join this SIETAR event and hear a panel of intercultural facilitators and trainers from the UBC Continuing Studies Centre for Intercultural Communication (CIC) highlight elements of some of the delicate situations they’ve experienced in training. Both participants and panelists will have the opportunity to formulate strategies on how best to manage these interactions in this very interactive participant-centered session.

UBC Robson Square, Gallery Classroom, Room 1.150